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  • 2' x 200' 2ML Metal Mask - Blue

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    ProGuard is designed to be placed over the opening of the ductwork during storage and transportation to protect the inside of ductwork from dust, dirt and other particles that can lead to poor indoor air quality.

    ProGuard Heavy Duty is a dual-ply polyethylene film with a high-tack adhesive coating. It is specially-formulated to keep film attached and leave no residue when removed. Its unique manufacturing process gives ProGuard Heavy Duty unmatched puncture resistance, strength, elongation, and workability.

    ProGuard Standard Grade is an economical singly-ply film with a low-tack adhesive coating.

    • Dual-ply and single-ply polyethylene film
    • High-tack and low-tack adhesive coating
    • Elongation up to 600%
    • Excellent strength
    • Leaves no sticky residue on ductwork after removal
    • Convenient pliability