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  • Saw Trax

    Saw Trax

    • Saw Trax Panel Express

      Saw Trax Panel Express

      ***Call for Shipping Quote***   The Panel Express Self Adjusting All-Terrain Panel, Sheet and Slab Cart can breeze over obstacles both inside and out. This is the perfect dolly for carrying...

    • Saw Trax Raised Safety Dolly

      Saw Trax Raised Safety Dolly

      This gives the user the option of using the dolly inside in the low configuration or outside with the wheels mounted to the corners. Locking casters are substituted for the normal casters and a...

    • Saw Trax Yel-Low Safety Dolly

      Saw Trax Yel-Low Safety Dolly

      The yel-Low Safety Dolly is a truly innovative and “indestructible dolly” for any industry. It can carry mattresses, large flat screen TV's, bulk items like kayaks or ping pong tables,...

    • Saw Trax Scoop Dolly

      Saw Trax Scoop Dolly

      Move your heavy, tall and long products around your warehouse or onto a truck safely, without a forklift. Tall, long and narrow objects like door units, staircases, window units, panel saws and...