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  • 1/8 x 3/8 Grip Alum/Alum Blind Rivet (Box of 500)


    Blind rivets, commonly referred to as pop rivets (POP was a brand name of the original blind rivet manufacturer, now owned by Emhart Teknologies) are tubular and are supplied with a mandrel through the center. The rivet assembly is inserted into a hole drilled through the parts to be joined and a specially designed tool is used to draw the mandrel into the rivet. This expands the blind end of the rivet and then the mandrel snaps off. These types of blind rivets have non-locking mandrels and are sometimes avoided for critical structural joints because the mandrels may fall out, due to vibration or other reasons, leaving a hollow rivet that has a significantly lower load carrying capability than solid rivets. Furthermore, because of the mandrel they are more prone to failure from corrosion and vibration. Unlike solid rivets, blind rivets can be inserted and fully installed in a joint from only one side of a part or structure, "blind" to the opposite side.

    0.125 (1/8)
    0.375 (3/8)